Dragons of Draegonia

Enter the Magical and Colourful World of Draegonia where all is not what it seems.

Two books, ‘The Adventure Begins’ & ‘Dragon Black's Revenge’ follows four children who, shipwrecked and washed ashore on a magical island, unwittingly create a deadly virus that could lead to the extinction of all of its only inhabitants, THE DRAGONS.

Book 1

The Adventure BeginsThe volcanic Island of Draegonia was first inhabited in the early 5th Century, when dragons fled from across all areas of the world from a growing population of humans intent on their destruction.

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Book 2

Dragon Black's RevengeFor boys and girls of all ages the adventure continues, with tales of fantasy, intrigue, suspense and excitement.

The adventure moves forwards two years and sees the return of...

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"Wow!!!!! The story was amazing! Best book I’ve ever read that’s for sure!!!!!! It really gets my imagination going and it makes me wonder about book 2... A DEFINITE Buy!! Can’t Wait For Book 2" - George