The Adventure Begins - Book 1

The Dragons of Draegonia is a tale of fantasy and make believe. It has humour, intrigue, adventure, and suspense. Written specifically for children, the storyline nonetheless, should make many adults smile if their imaginations have not been warped with age.

The volcanic Island of Draegonia was first inhabited in the early 5th Century when dragons fled from across all areas of the world from a growing population of humans intent on their destruction. The uncharted island was first located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, as time passed, explorers from Spain, France, Portugal, and England came very close to discovering the island, placing the dragons once again, at immense risk. The Island originally had some 400 dragons roaming its lush green land but today only half of these have survived.

To maintain their secrecy, a ‘Wizard Dragon’, cast a spell that made the Island invisible and has the magical property to disappear and reappear in different locations of the World’s Oceans and Seas at will. A further spell of the ‘Wizard Dragon’ created a time anomaly. Seasons and time became stretched compared to that of human time. Fifty days on Draegonia would only be realised as one human day spent.

But no human being had ever visited the Island, until now………

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