About Dragons of Draegonia

The Dragons of Draegonia carry a number of messages for all to learn from.

Operating as a team, the four survive a number of ordeals. They work together. They look after each other and are bonded more by friendship than blood relationships.

Colours have a distinct bearing on how we perceive things, the language we use, people and attitude. Green is traditionally used in conjunction with ‘Envy’. Yellow in relationship to cowardice, Pink all things nice and sweet; the opposite to Black that often signifies the darker side of life.

The narrative follows those problems that can grow from exaggerations or untruths and unveils the lies that create the need for more lies. Children of all ages learn by example and the Dragons of Draegonia places their imaginations in the midst of the need to survive as a result of those telling lies to derive direct benefit and those exaggerating events to cover up perhaps their own inadequacies.

Simple lessons to be learnt;

  •  Work together especially when things are difficult.
  •  Don’t give up, just try harder.
  •  Be supportive and see the best in others.
  •  Don’t be envious of others.
  •  Cowardice is not respected.
  •  Don’t Bully or try to control through Fear.
  •  Learn as much as you can whilst at school, you never know when the knowledge will be useful.
  •  Communicate and discuss things rather than give up.
  •  Abide by the law.
  •  Always inform your parents or guardians where you're going, for they will be worried if they do not know where you are.