School Projects

School Projects

Schools Creativity and Reading skills enhancement programme

Buckinghamshire author Michael Libra provides free of charge schools visits, talks and incentive programmes for children aged between 7 -14 to enhance and stimulate their reading and creativity skills.

A recent programme involving several hundred children taking part in the creative writing, publishing and illustration schools programme, has received excellent teacher reviews. Under full control of the respective schools, each visit included setting an exciting competition designed to stimulate the children’s imagination and encourage their writing and illustration skills. Winning entries gained prizes for both themselves and their school.

The programme:

  • Michael presents the programme (adjusted for specific schools and age groups) for approval and agrees dates and times of his visits.
  • No charge is made for his time or support programme.
  • Michael does advise the purchase (at a very special discount) of “Dragons of Draegonia - The Adventure Begins”, for children to have with them when he visits, in order that they can interact and be part of his presentation. However, this is not mandatory.
  • All purchases are made through the school. What makes the programme extra special is that Michael will dedicate and sign all books.
Danesfield School
Teacher - Danesfield School

"Mike Libra, the author of Dragons of Draegonia, visited Danesfield School and spoke to our KS2 children in two sessions - Yrs 3 and 4 followed by Yrs 5 and 6. Mike was extremely efficient in setting up the visit, ensuring it was tailored to our children and setting up a pre-session visit with me so that we could go through his presentation together. Mike told the children a great deal of interesting information about budding authors and their publication prospects and involved them well in the reading of the extracts. This was a very successful "author in school visit."

Frieth CEC School, Buckinghamshire
Lindsay, Headteacher, Frieth CEC School, Buckinghamshire

"I am very proud of the children and their performance. The competition gave them an excellent opportunity to show their creativity and their entries were really imaginative."

St Peters Catholic Primary School Marlow
Head Teacher - St Peters Catholic Primary School Marlow

"Michael's visit to our school was well received. Both teachers and parents have said how boys, in particular, who are reluctant readers and writers have been enthused to both read his book and enter the competition."

Beechview School, High Wycombe
Claire, Head of Literacy, Beechview School, High Wycombe

"Dragons of Draegonia and Michael Libra’s work on our Writing Day have really had a positive impact in our school. Both children and teachers loved the day and the children all wanted to write and talk about their work. The book has not only encouraged writing but also art. We have used the competition as a project to work on after SATS. Each year group have been testing so it has been wonderful to work on an art and writing project as a whole school to help the children relax in the afternoons. The children are completely obsessed with dragons, some even bringing in books from home to help with their research!"

Stokenchurch Primary School
Samantha, Head of Literacy and Reading Skills, Stokenchurch Primary School

"A wonderful experience for the children at Stokenchurch Primary School - the visit from Michael really inspired everyone. Our children were truly engaged and thoroughly enjoyed reading Dragons of Draegonia - it was lovely not to have to nag them to read! The project enabled all children to be involved and it was great to see our reluctant readers become enthused about the creative process of writing. Thank you to Michael and to the dragons!"

White Waltham Church of England Academy, Berkshire
Isabel, Principal White Waltham Church of England Academy, Berkshire

"The children were really inspired by Michael’s 40 minute talk and engaging in the Dragons of Draegonia Schools Competition has supported improvements in their reading writing and creative skills. It impressed me to see the number of boys, who sometimes lack enthusiasm for reading and writing, being enthused by Michael’s presentation and eagerly participating, producing some very fine creative and literacy work"