Dragon Black's Revenge

Dragon Black's Revenge

Dragon Black's Revenge - Book 2

For boys and girls of all ages the adventure continues, with tales of fantasy, intrigue, suspense and excitement. The adventure moves forwards two years and sees the return of the banished, evil, murderous Dragon Black to the magical Island of Draegonia.

Intent on wreaking revenge, Black 'carbonises' all who stand in his way. Through a reign of terror and injustice, he makes the lives of the Dragons of Draegonia a miserable torment. But who will be brave or foolish enough to try to stop him? Will any of the island's richly coloured dragons survive?

Can four brave children find a way to return to save them? What mystical powers does the pink dragon possess? And how did Dragon Black regain his strength and powers?

Enter the magical and colourful world of Draegonia - where all is not what it seems!

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